Company Profile

Uxin (NASDAQ: UXIN) is a leading nationwide online used car dealer in China. The Company’s mission is to enable people to buy the car of their choice online.

In China, consumers generally face various challenges when buying used cars via traditional supply chains, such as limited access to a wide selection of used cars, inconvenience in buying used cars from other cities and regions, a lack of transparent and reliable information about car condition and complex transaction processes. Uxin is committed to addressing these issues through its innovative used car supply chain by providing consumers with a reliable and one-stop, hassle-free online purchasing experience.

Operated under the brand Uxin Used Car, Uxin has transformed the used car buying experience in China through an innovative integrated online platform and offline service and fulfilment networks, which takes each step of the transaction process and covers the entire value chain. Its online platform ensures that consumers have access not only to a nationwide selection of high price-to-performance used cars, but also to a wide range of value-added products and services. Its offline infrastructure and networks allow the Company to effectively serve consumers and fulfill the transactions made online, such as car inspection, car-buying consulting, car delivery, title transfers and other after-sales services. The Company’s services are underpinned by its advanced proprietary technology and data analytics capabilities, an extensive service network and unique online transaction fulfillment capabilities. Its extensive service network covering over 260 prefecture-level cities across China is bolstered by its own online sales force and service centers operated by third-party agents. Its comprehensive fulfillment network supports nationwide logistics and delivery as well as title transfers between different cities across China.


Joyce Tang
Uxin Investor Relations
Phone: +86 10 56916765